Colin Andrews – A Mysterious Unknown Mind.

Colin Andrews claims that he has discovered a new area of research, which he is now promoting on his Facebook page.

The Headline reads:-


Colin’s 33 years of experience has led him to conclude that the real phenomena is a mysterious “unknown mind”, something he refers to as a “trickster kind of energy”. Apparently, this energy somehow “interacts” with the minds and bodies of people who then go out and make crop circles.

As part of the title above says, this “unexplained mysterious intelligence is behind the actions of those making crop circles”. 

It’s unexplained but as you will see, Colin’s piece will explain it all!


I should point out that this notion isn’t really new, in fact humans possessed by some “unknown mind” has been bandied around by hoax claimants for quite some time now. However, Colin is now expanding this notion to include researchers.

He goes on to say, that this same unknown mind then interacts with the people who visit or research these man made crop circles and subsequently plays a part in tricking us into believing they are really made by ET or God.

Here’s what he says:-

The most significant real mystery of all are the ‘High Strangeness’ events which have constantly taken place around the crop circles and those making and researching them since the beginning.

Bizarre experiences have taken place since the small original team started research in the late 70s – The first was photographed in 1979.

The first research team reported many strange synchronicities and feelings that something knew what they were doing or saying – A trickster kind of energy. Pat Delgado, Dr. Terence Meaden, Busty Taylor and myself all had experiences throughout”.

So the synchronicities and other strange happenings that I and many others have witnessed are real according to Colin, because he and his colleagues  have experienced them. On this point myself and many other researchers would agree with him.

Researchers and visitors are afflicted somehow, according to Colin’s research, because we are emotionally charged by the energy brought about by the mystery itself! He refers to an emotional spectrum, and asserts that as we are so emotionally charged by this mystery that it attracts “certain entities” to interact with us!

This is how Colin puts it:-

I have little doubt that this ‘interaction’ will continue to happen where ever humans focus their attention while they are charged with the emotional energy brought about by a mystery. The Emotional spectrum generates an electro-chemical reaction in the life force of animals and humans and can be detected as well as sets up a bodily function response.

Just as doctor’s surgeries have a certain ambience associated with them because of an emotion produced by anxiety or fear, so certain ‘entities’ interact with individuals whose attention is focused upon a mystery or the creation of a mystery. The human becomes responsive to another domain – call that ET or something akin to God.

There is no denying the fact that these ‘interactions do exist and they are profound in the extreme. They are associated with an intelligent process of some kind – all be it often surrounding man made crop circles and UFOs. There is a lot in the theory that mankind must imagine first what it may later manifest’.


Let me attempt to try and be clear about what he’s saying. Researchers are emotionally charged by the mystery itself, and this in turn induces feelings of anxiety and fearfulness. Because of this state of fear “certain entities” can interact with us because we are only focused on the mystery. Then we become “responsive to another domain” he says – “call that ET or something akin to God”.

There is a paranormal force in existence he tells us, which is “associated with an intelligent process of some kind”, but that only occurs around crop circles that are made by people. Remarkably he’s saying that the same people who make them have also been possessed by this “unknown mind” or “entities”. I find this amazing. Colin is claiming that an unknown paranormal force gets humans to make them, and then subsequently tricks visitors and researchers into believing they are real. But this same paranormal force is unable to make the formations itself without the need to posses these people!

He then goes onto say:-

“Hardened believers who believe beyond all the evidence that the crop circles are constructed by ETs, I believe know the truth privately – i.e. they are made by people BUT as I have said for the last two decades that is where the real mystery begins and not ends”.

So to sum up, researchers have an emotional anxiety problem, brought about by the fear of a mystery. This in turn causes us to become susceptible to “another domain”. Astonishingly, he suggests that the same thing can also happen in a doctors surgery!

However on the other hand, we know the truth really, but because we wont admit it, this is where the real mystery begins!! I’m confused. Are we possessed or lying or both?

He goes on to say:-

“While some people hold out for the ET explanation for actual manufacture, they appear to have deceived themselves as well as the public to the degree that they have missed completely the importance of the common denominator between crop circle artists and sincere truth seekers i.e.: Interactive phenomena by an unknown source has been woven into the crop circle fabric and life itself. Humans constructed the likes of Stonehenge, coincidentally at the center of crop circle activity, and many life changing experiences have happened to people who have gone to look at them. Very little difference to the crop circles made by talented artists which also produce life changing experiences”.

People holding out for ET are deceiving themselves and the public and have missed the common denominator between “crop circle artists” (implying simply humans) and “truth seekers” (meaning himself).

An interactive phenomena from an unknown source has been woven in to the crop circle fabric and life itself”!!!


Would that be something that we could generically refer to as “alien” by any chance, as separate from extraterrestrial? An interactive phenomena from an unknown source could also be extraterrestrial couldn’t it? Whilst the world awaits conclusive evidence of ET’s it’s a fair hypothesis under the circumstances that he is proposing isn’t it?

I have personally never promoted the ET theory, in fact I have always maintained that the term “alien” or “other” should be used generically. If I describe it as an unknown interactive other, something that is “alien” to us as humans, then essentially Colin and I are in agreement with this definition of what’s behind the crop circles! I just don’t believe that this “intelligent other” gets humans to make them on it’s behalf!

He then draws an analogy with the sentence. “people have life changing experiences at stone circles which are man made, so why not crop circle? Which he now says are made by “talented artists”. Once again he’s running two themes here! On the one hand he says that Crop Circles are made by people under the influence of this unknown intelligence, then with the Stonehenge example he refers to these people as “talented artists”!

In fact through the course of his entire article he refers to the circle makers as “entities”, (plural) an “unknown mind”, (singular) or “talented artists” implying merely humans. Either way though, it, they, whoever or whatever, are capable of making us all “responsive to another domain”. Beware he warns us, because this domain transforms people into becoming lying deceitful fools who are just trying to con the public about ET.

Furthermore, is he really suggesting that people who visit stone circles, or crop circles for that matter, can become so emotionally charged by the mystery and that this causes anxiety and fearfulness? Which in turn makes them susceptible to the “trickster energy” that will then start playing synchronicity games with them to make them think ET did it. Really?

He finishes by saying:-

“The bigger shock is that this unknown mind is involved with every aspect of the transitioning period we are experiencing today. The unbelievable nature of events happening around us hold potential for even more new and unrecognisable phenomena.

Nothing is quite what it appears – seems a safe bet”.

An unknown trickster mind is to be expected he says, because it’s always around at times of human transition. Furthermore he feels confident enough to predict that we can expect even more unrecognisable paranormal phenomena. But only with the caveat that “Nothing is quite what it appears”. Unless of course it’s what he’s proposing I assume?

So in summary Colin has previously told us that he has conclusive proof that huge and elaborate crop circles are man made. Evidence which he is either unwilling or more likely unable to share with us. This issue was over for him “long ago”, he says.


Then just when you think it can’t get any worse he concludes his piece by recommending that his readers check out a “well researched” article written by Andrew Pyrka on the 28th of last month. Which in my view reveals the real motive behind Colin’s article.

I’ll come onto that in part 2 of this blog, but lets just finish up on Colin’s piece.

In my case in particular, Colin’s asking me to accept that on July 7th 2007, a team of people made a 1000ft crop circle in front of me and 2 others in 5 hours of darkness. They performed this superhuman feat of constructing over 150 circles without being spotted or heard, because they were “interacting with an unknown mind” playing tricks on all of us. Or because they are “talented artists”.

As a result i’m so fearful and anxious at the mystery of the whole thing that i’ve allowed myself to be fooled with other paranormal trickery into convincing myself, and also trying to convince others, that this “unknown mind” makes crop circles by itself through balls or flashes of light, without the need to possess people! This is the crux of my error as far as Colin seems concerned.

But on the other hand, I know it’s all man made really but I don’t want to admit it!

According to Colin it can’t be the same “unknown mind” creating the formation on it’s own. He claims to have conclusive proof of this. But from what I can deduce, Colin and I would be in complete agreement if only I were to accept that the “unknown mind” is getting people to make them, and then trying to trick me!!

My stated position with regard to the authors of the crop circles is that we are dealing with a mysterious unknown intelligence. So there’s really not much between us there. I’m happy with the generic term “alien” or “other”. I propose that this alien intelligence wants us to understand the narrative and meaning behind the formations, but Colin says it is a trickster that’s just playing with us all, so this is where our conclusions differ widely.


For some reason Colin wants us to believe in a paranormal “unknown mind” that is deceitful, which then turns people such as myself into deceivers. A mysterious mind working through the humans that go out create huge crop circles such as the alien face containing messages telling us that they “oppose deception”. (See Crabwood 2002) So according to Colin the whole thing is a paranormal deception on top of a deception!!

Colin’s essentially telling us that his “unknown mind” is a twisted mind that has been playing people against each other, for nothing other than it’s own twisted pleasure apparently.

Is this really the cutting edge research of a 33 year veteran and world leading expert of Crop Circles? At no time whatsoever does he offer anything in the way of proof of these frankly outlandish claims!

As you will see when I move on to Andrew Pyrka’s piece, it becomes clear that Colin’s article is nothing more than a desperate attempt to discredit Michael and myself following the Ansty formation, veiled behind an astoundingly pathetic hypothesis.

I’ll get into the so called “well researched” article by Andrew Pyrka article in part 2.


Images copyright Steve Alexander.

Thanks to Michael Glickman, Aaron King, Daryl King, Steven Grant and Liana Crisolago for help and advice.