DSC5010-Ansty-Wilts-12-08-2016-OHIt’s now just over 6 weeks since the Ansty formation and still no word from the elusive Mothership Glass! Can we now safely assume that silence will be their position?

In the interim period I have made a couple more visits down to the farm shop to meet with K Price. My first visit was just prior to the publication of Linda Moulton Howes report. On this occasion I had dropped in to give K a copy of the report that I had previously published. (See my blog published on 25th August 2016)


The following day Linda’s report was published, and I was immediately aware that I had referred to Linda’s investigation in my own report. I decided to make another visit, as I felt sure that K would be upset by the things Linda had said, and I wanted to reassure her that I didn’t agree with it in any way. In the meantime I had a conversation with Lucy Pringle over Skype and as we both felt quite close to K, we resolved to visit her together, which we did this past Saturday, the 24th of September 2016.

Coincidentally just as we arrived, the representative from the Dorset Air Ambulance service was there to collect the cheque that K was donating from the proceeds taken from the crop circle. Lucy quickly seized the moment and took this lovely photograph of K handing over the cheque.


Once again we were both warmly greeted by K, she said that she had read my previous report, and was very happy that I had represented what she had told me, clearly and correctly.

We turned to discuss Linda’s report, and it was clear that K was very shocked by the contents. In readiness for our arrival K had a prepared a list of points that she wanted to make in response to this article. I again asked her for an on camera interview, stating that it would have much more credibility if people could see how genuinely she comes across, but she was still unwilling to do this. However, she was very keen to do one final interview with us.

First of all K wanted us to thank all the people who visited the formation, she said that she had truly met some lovely people, who were mostly very kind and respectful. She is also very grateful for the entrance monies that were paid which are going to very worthy causes.

After deducting a small percentage of the takings to cover extra staff costs and damage to the crop etc, K was delighted to donate the balance to three local charities. £1107.16 to the Stars appeal,  – in support of the local Salisbury Hospital. Dorset Air Ambulance and Wiltshire Air Ambulance each shared a donation of £1275.

K told us that she has carried out a number of charity fund raising events over the years. Just this year alone she has run in the London marathon, and together with the monies raised from the crop circle has now donated in excess of £8000 to local charities! Given how busy she is with her duties at the farm and as a mother of 2 children, this is very impressive, and in my view says a great deal about her character.

The shocking story though was that K told me she had received an anonymous phone call to inform her that they were going to contact the charities to advise them not to accept the donations, as they had been obtained under false pretences!!! Words fail me!!!

We also discussed the issue of Linda’s report claiming that she wasn’t away on holiday at the time the formation appeared. I asked if her father had actually told Linda’s investigator this, and if so why. She said that she can only assume that the question her father was asked was were they away on holiday together, the answer to which was no. To set the record straight K said that together with her husband and two boys, they went to Devon on the 31st July and returned home on the evening of the 5th August. Her father then went away on holiday very soon thereafter. They didn’t holiday together. As proof Karen actually took out her iPhone and showed us some pictures she had taken whilst they were there. One was of her son on the beech catching crabs, the picture was tagged in Devon and dated the 2nd August 2016. The other was a view of the bay dated the 4th August. She said I think it’s a bit much for me to have to show the world my personal holiday pictures to prove this, but was happy to show Lucy and I, so that we could confirm the facts on her behalf.

ansty-karen-lucy6Another point she wished to clear up was that of the actual reporting of the crop circle. It has previously been stated that staff found it, and that someone else had called her up on holiday to alert her to the fact that it was there. As it turns out, neither of these are the case. What actually happened was that upon returning home from holiday on the evening of the 5th August, they went to bed and when she looked out of the bedroom window in the morning the crop circle was there. So in actual fact it was K herself that first discovered it. Not knowing what to do she said we sat on it for a couple of days, during which time her husband flew his drone over it shooting video and pictures. Shortly after, word began to spread around the village and people started asking to see it, so she decided to open it up to the public and use it to raise money for charity. She said that she didn’t contact Crop Circle Connecter herself, and can therefore only assume that one of the visitors or someone who flew over from the two local airports had reported it to them.

We also talked about the suggestion raised in Linda’s report that the plastic covers over the pick your own fruit had been strategically placed to deliberately obscure the view of customers! K just laughed and said they are rain covers, and they don’t obscure the view of the field at all.

Another issue was regarding the security cameras. K said that she is not prepared to reveal to the world the precise details of her security arrangements, for example how her cameras operate and what area they cover etc, as this would be foolish. However, she did want to confirm that the field in which the crop circle appeared is not covered by cameras.

K was also at pains to point out that she has very good relations with her neighbours and can’t understand why anyone would say that they were intimidated by her. This particular point raised in Linda’s report was clearly disturbing for K, as she is both well known, liked and respected in the area.

Finally, K wished to reiterate once again that she has never had any contact with the American Company Mothership Glass, not before this incident or subsequently thereafter. This is the most crucial point in my view, as this testimony dispels all the talk about a secret conspiracies and cover ups etc.


As we were getting ready to leave, Lucy had sent some enlarged pictures of the formation for K as a gift,  so I took a couple of pictures of them both together whilst Lucy was signing them for her. We also had a nice picture together with K outside the shop before we left. (see below)

So that’s it. As I have mentioned, K told us that this will be her last word on the subject, and both Lucy and I felt honoured that she asked us to report this information on her behalf.

Having gotten to know K a little during the past 6 weeks, Lucy and I have both been struck by how genuine and transparently honest she is. K has never struck me as a person who was lying or trying to cover anything up at all. Moreover, after spending time with her, the suggestion that she has secretly made a deal with Mothership Glass and intimidated her neighbours into a code of silence is absolutely preposterous.


In the final analysis, it is now up to you to decide.

I’m quite sure that for some, the discrepancy over who actually discovered the formation, and when, will be enough to dismiss this report out of hand. I don’t actually know where that information came from in the first place. All I can say is that it’s only now, having gained K’s trust, this interview was the first time that Lucy and I were given the real opportunity to clarify these issues.

So your left to chose between the following.  There’s the results of Colin Andrews investigation, carried out remotely from the US with a team of anonymous investigators, who sensationally reveal that a team of anonymous circle makers made this formation in three days with the owners full consent.

Or, there is Linda Moulton Howe’s report which states that her investigation, again carried out remotely from the US, by an unknown crop circle researcher called Ian Halling, has revealed that the formation was made over a 2 week period. Again by an anonymous team of 8 people, and again with the owners full knowledge and consent. During this time no pictures or video was taken, because apparently K had strategically placed plastic covers up to prevent the public from seeing them at work! Or more ludicrously, K had intimidated everyone into silence!!! 

I’m really curious as to why these two highly regarded researchers reports differ so widely?

Ian Halling, Linda’s investigator, who is not known as a crop circle investigator, again provides no names, and clearly makes several demonstrably incorrect assertions. Bindweed does grow in standing crop for one, just look at the pictures Ian!

Then there’s myself, Lucy Pringle, Steven Grant and Jaime Maussan. We’ve all actually visited the formation, and spoken to the owner K Price on several occasions.

Finally, having gained K’s trust, Lucy and I have managed to obtain a formal interview. We’ve also talked to staff and locals, and made an independent assessment of the layout of the farm. Most importantly though, all four of us independently corroborate each other’s findings on the ground.

As far as K is concerned, this is the final chapter. I’m sure that she will still receive calls from time to time, but we discussed this and K said she would simply direct people to the articles that Lucy and I have produced.

Gary King. 2nd October 2016.

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Ansty Harvest, K Price with the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Rep copyright Lucy Pringle

Lucy and K Price signing pictures. Gary Lucy and K Price together copyright Gary King.