Whist the controversy over the recent Crop Circle formation at Ansty farm continues, and with no official statement from the glass company alleged to have commissioned human artists to construct this formation, interesting details to throw in the pot are beginning to emerge.

My friend and fellow researcher Karen Alexander wisely said that in her experience, when events like the Ansty formation happen, it’s wise to sit back and wait for the dust to settle before we start forming any conclusions. The actual phrase she used was “slowly slowly, catchy monkey”.

One of the subtleties of the crop circle phenomenon is that it can often be years before information comes to light that brings a whole different perspective on either individual or groups of formations. 

For036 example, there has been a whole genre of crop circles known as quintuplets that began to appear in the 1980’s and have continued to this day. In 2002 Michael Glickman noticed that a formation contained a hidden solution to an age old problem of squaring the circle. As a result, the researcher Allen Brown began to re-examine all of the quintuplet formations from the previous 25 years and to his absolute surprise discovered that each of them contained brand new ways to geometrically perform the act of squaring the circle, with an accuracy as close as the thickness of the pencil line! Even more amazingly, these solutions had never been seen before in the almost 2500 years of mathematicians and geometers attempting to solve this problem. Brand new solutions to an age old conundrum, had been right under our noses for 25 years!!! Talk about slowly slowly, catchy monkey!! 

Squaring the circle 1997Not only that, but these solutions were beautifully simple to understand once you’ve grasped the basic fundamentals. Allen Brown said in an interview that to take what was considered to be an impossible problem and solve it in such a simple way was a massive demonstration of intelligence!

But why did it take so long before we saw it? The impact of this news was shocking to those who’ve taken a close interest in the hidden geometry found in crop formations, but for most people this revelation didn’t really hit home. However, in my view, these hidden gems that are discovered long after a formation has appeared are worthy of our consideration.

Turning back to the recent formation at Ansty, amongst the many controversial aspects is the use of the word MOTHERSHIP. This words  connection to the UFO phenomenon and also the companies name who possess the logo are a big factor in raising all the ongoing controversy. 

477fcf695bd61682d91de4702d8d68f7However, a few nights ago a revelation came to light when Liana called me up to say that she had discovered a connection with regard to the use of this word Mothership in connection with one of the most famous crop circles in history, which appeared 26 years ago! Strange turn of events! Instead of having to wait 25 years to make a discovery, in this instance a discovery has been made soon after Ansty has appeared, but this time by looking back 26 years!

The formation I’m referring to is the famous East Field pictogram of 1990. This formation goes down in history for many reasons. Once the news broke of it’s arrival, thousands of people travelled far and wide to the area to catch a glimpse of it. The tiny lanes around the Alton Barnes area were completely jammed, with people  standing on the roofs of their cars peering down into the field below. Farmers couldn’t do their work, and police were just walking through the cars handing Traffic Jam East Field 1990tickets to people who couldn’t move. It was chaos! But amongst that chaos was a massive sense of awe and wonder as to what this symbol could possibly mean, and of course how did it get there. At this time no one was saying that the formations were man made, that came one year later with the infamous Doug and Dave’s so called confession. For a brief time then, a sense of mystery gripped the world.

Four months after this event, the Rock Band Led Zeppelin pictured the formation on the front cover of the album sleeve, with the addition of a shadow of a Zeppelin airship running through it. The use of this crop circle as their front  cover spread the crop circle image further as the album became a best seller.

led_zeppelin_remasters_crop_circle_australiaShortly after, Led Zeppelin broke up as a band following the tragic death of the drummer John Bonham. The lead singer Robert Plant, said that they just couldn’t continue without him, and they never released another record again. As a consequence, from then on, various remastered and remixed albums of their music has been released under different names. The most noteworthy of these was the album released in 2007 entitled MOTHERSHIP!!!  

The cover of this album has the iconic Zeppelin on it, with the words mothership written across it. How strange!! The front cover of their album that featured the crop circle design with the shadow of the Zeppelin was released in 1990, thus connecting the band to the crop circles. Then in 2007 a re-mastered album is released Led Zeppelin - Mothershipunder the title Mothership, connecting the recent crop circle at Ansty with the use of this word, back to Led Zeppelin again!

Now before your mind goes running of with this, hold on for a moment because there’s more to come.

Back in 1971 the band released their fourth album and on this occasion decided to use four symbols on the cover to represent each band member. These symbols have become known as the Led Zeppelin symbols and can easily be found if you google them. (see picture below)

616px-Zoso-square-layoutOne of the first things that struck me when I first saw these was the triquetra symbol chosen by the bassist John Paul Jones, which of course features as the central motif in the Anstey formation, and the logo of the company Mothership Glass. 

The wikipedia article about the band creating the symbols back in 1971 is worth quoting from:-

“The idea for each member of the band to choose a personal emblem for the cover was Jimmy Page’s. In an interview he gave in 1977, he recalled:

“After all this crap that we’d had with the critics, I put it to everybody else that it’d be a good idea to put out something totally anonymous. At first I wanted just one symbol on it, but then it was decided that since it was our fourth album and there were four of us, we could each choose our own symbol. I designed mine and everyone else had their own reasons for using the symbols that they used.”

Page stated that he designed his own symbol and has never publicly disclosed any reasoning behind it. It has been argued that his symbol appeared as early as 1557 to represent Saturn.The symbol is sometimes referred to as “ZoSo”, though Page has explained that it was not in fact intended to be a word at all. Page was known to be a devotee of Aleister Crowley and his sign resembles a magical sigil. The first three parts of the sigil or symbol also resemble the word “Zos” as found in the magical philosophy of Crowley’s associate Austin Osman Spare known as ‘Zos vel Thanatos’.

The bassist John Paul Jones’ symbol, which he chose from Rudolf Koch’s Book of Signs, is a single circle intersecting three vesica pisces (a triquetra). It is intended to symbolise a person who possesses both confidence and competence.

Drummer John Bonham’s symbol, the three interlocking (Borromean) rings, was picked by the drummer from the same book. It represents the triad of mother, father and child, but, inverted, it also happens to be the logo for Ballantine beer.

Singer Robert Plant’s symbol of a feather within a circle was his own design, being based on the sign of the supposed Mu civilisation.” 

silbury-hill_2I noted that the Bassist and John Bonham had chosen their designs from Rudolph Koch’s Book of Signs and remembered the Koch fractal crop circle at Silbury Hill on the 23rd July 1997.

I have included this because as you will see, Silbury Hill and crop circles that have appeared on or around specific dates kept popping up during this investigation.

Also, some interesting parallels with the crop circles come out of this interview with Page when he says “after all the crap we’d had with critics, we decided to put something out that was anonymous”. People like myself and other researchers certainly get a load of crap from the critics, and the crop circle artists of course remain largely anonymous! What a strange coincidence of circumstances! Three of these symbols have been used in during the crop circle campaign subsequently, but the band clearly first used them years before any crop circles had ever appeared!

alister crowley 777Then there’s the reference to the fact that  Page never revealed what his symbol really stood for, but it was argued that it was connected to Satan because he was an Alister Crowley devotee. Team Satan is a name of a group of people who claimed they have made many of the crop circles, but have not been heard of for several years now. Also Alister Crowley was famous for using the numbers 777, which was the date that the formation appeared in front of me at the very same location as the 1990 pictogram formation!

Surly this is all just purely coincidental!

The wings at the top of the front  cover of this book are referred 2001.02.13_21.03.42_-_Steve_Alexander (1)to as the wings of Horus and was also depicted as a crop circle at Silbury Hill on on the 13th June 1999.

Wikipedia goes on to say that there is also a fifth, smaller symbol chosen by guest vocalist Sandy Denny representing her contribution to the track “The Battle of Evermore”; it appears in the credits list on the inner sleeve of the LP, serving as an asterisk and is shaped like three triangles touching Threefold-Symbolat their points. Coincidentally this is a symbol that we have also seen appear as a feature in a crop circle, again at Silbury Hill!

 This formation appeared on the 12th June 2000. The three triangles of laid crop are identical to the 5th symbol used by the band. It is a symbol taken from christianity and meant to represent the Godhead. With the quote underneath that reads:-

“beyond that nothing is known about it”.

2000_06_12_silbury-hill-avebury-wiltshire-barley-oh-35mmReligious symbols are not uncommon in crop circles, and as so it’s appearance can once again be seen as just coincidental with it’s use by the band member back in the 1970’s 

So far, this seemingly random coincidence of Led Zeppelin using the name Mothership for their 2007 album has led me down a rabbit hole that has found  all these seemingly random connections with historical crop circles that appeared at Silbury hill on almost the same dates in 1999 and 2000!!! What’s going on here?

I didn’t know where to go with this, so I googled to find out why Led Zeppelin had decided to call the album Mothership. But I couldn’t find anything. I then searched for information about the actual Zeppelin to see if it was ever referred to as the Mothership, and what came back sent me further down the rabbit hole into what I consider to be Lala land!!!!

andromedaThe first article that came up was referencing a book which is all about Nazi plans to create secret technology and flying saucers!!! Now this is an area that is completely out of my own research remit into crop circles and so I was immediately placed out of my comfort zone. However,my interest was peaked, so I continued.

The book is called SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nazis’ incredible secret technology. By Joseph P Farrell.

He says that in 1943 the Nazis planned to build a cigar shaped MOTHERSHIP called the “Andromeda device”. (pictured above)

I looked up this device and came up with an article written by a man called Rob Arndt. It talks about the Nazi elites obsession with the Occult and that Hitler and the other high ranking members of the party were made up of several Occult groups!

cigarScrolling down the article I found this picture of a cigar shaped UFO that was declassified and released by the US government after the closure of project blue book.

 Project Blue Book was one of a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) conducted by the United States Air Force. It started in 1952, and it was the third study of its kind (the first two were projects Sign (1947) and Grudge (1949)). A termination order was given for the study in December 1969, and all activity under its auspices ceased in January 1970.

Project Blue Book had two goals:

1. To determine if UFOs were a threat to national security, and

2. To scientifically analyse UFO-related data.

What stood out in this article for me though was the caption beneath that reads:- 

“Photos from the Project Blue Book files of a cylindrical UFO that hovered above NEW Your City on March 20th 1950. The military suggested that it was possibly “the Moon.” The photographers name was deleted from the Projects files, as were most of the names when the material was finally declassified and released. These are some of the best photographs of a cylindrical UFO, thought to be a “MOTHERSHIP” that would launch flying saucers.

So now were back to a reference to Mothership again! only this time it’s from 1950!

I also found an article from the Washington Post dated Sunday September 19th 1954, with the headline; Flying ‘Cigar’ Stops Silent Over Rome, By Michael Chinigo.

It states that this object was witnessed by many people as well as being seen on radar sets for 39 minutes!

Now I have to say that this isn’t the first time that I’ve come across this information of the Nazi’s fascination with the occult, and secret government technology, but as with so much of this type of research it invariably leads behind closed doors where all sorts of wild and wacky conspiracy theories reside, which are almost impossible to verify. However, I was intrigued by the coincidences that had popped up by following this line of research, so I decided to call it a day and continue in the morning. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.08.42The following morning I came downstairs made a coffee and switched on my computer. To my absolute surprise one of my Facebook friends had posted a clip from a recently released film called Deep Space – The German Flying Saucers. This film was released just last month. What caught my attention was the thumbnail of the clip which was the picture of the Andromeda device featured above! In addition the person who had posted this clip was the very same person who had alerted me to the Mothership Glass companies website on the day we first heard about the Ansty formation. But, he had no idea what I had been working on the day before. And still doesn’t!

I went on to youtube and looked at a one minute promotional clip for this show. Eighteen seconds in and to my complete surprise a symbol came on the screen which I immediately recognised as a crop circle that had appeared in 2015.

Crop circle near Bowerchalke

There is a slight difference in this formation to that of the original symbol, in that this one has four small circles close to the perimeter. I took a look at the comments section on crop circle connectors website and scrolling down I noticed that someone called Barbra Tomczyk  had posted her observations. She said that the reason the four small circles were in this crop circle was because the Nazi Swastika had been used for evil  and this formation was the beginning of reverting this symbol back to the original good design! She posted another picture of the swastikaoriginal symbol, with the following comment written in bold:-


This of course immediately struck me as oddly coincidental, because of course this symbol was the last crop circle to appear at the end of this 2016 season.

DSC5218-Cooks-Plantation-nr-Beckhampton-Wilts-27-08-16-OHOn the face of it, Barbara Tomczyk seems to have been on to something last year. Unless she had inside knowledge, she couldn’t have known that this formation would appear a year later, so hats off to Barbara for being on the money. Here is the link to the article she published, where you will also note that someone called S. Del Carlo. D.C. had posted a picture of a German flying saucer: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2015/oxdrove/comments.html

 It seems that wherever I looked, I kept coming up against Nazi symbols, their occult beliefs and conspiracy theories about them developing secret technology including flying saucers! What an earth is going on here!

Going back to the original symbol I discovered that it is called the symbol of the Black Sun and wikipedia has the following to say about it:-

german ufoThe term Black Sun (German Schwarze Sonne), also referred to as the Sonnenrad (German for “Sun Wheel”), is a symbol of esoteric and occult significance. Its design is based on a sun wheel mosaic incorporated into a floor of Wewelsburg Castle during the Nazi era. Today, it may also be used in  occult currents of Germanic neopaganism, and in Irminenschaft or Armanenschaft—inspired esotericism—but not necessarily in a racial or neo-Nazi context. Despite its contemporary use, the Black Sun had not been identified with the ornament in Wewelsburg before 1991, although it had been discussed as an esoteric concept in neo-Nazi circles since the 1950s

Schwarze_Sonne_Obergruppenführersaal_(SS_Generals'_Hall)I looked up Wewelsburg Castle and found that the symbol is laid out on the floor of the North Tower. The caption beneath the picture reads:-

“The former SS Generals’ Hall on the first floor of the North Tower of Wewelsburg Castle with the dark green sun wheel mosaic located on the floor in the centre of the hall. Since 1991, the mosaic has been linked to esoteric concepts about a “Black Sun” which have been discussed by neo-nazi circles since the post-war years. The architects who redesigned the castle during the Nazi era called the axis of the North Tower the “Centre of the World”. 

During the Third Reich the castle became the representative and ideological centre of the order of the SS. Heinrich Himmler, the leader of the SS, wanted to establish the “Centre of the New World”. A focus of the actual SS-activities at the castle were archaeological excavations in the surrounding region and studies on Germanic early history.

schwarze sonneI did some further digging to see if I could verify that the Nazis were indeed made up of occult groups, and what it was that they were specifically interested in. 

Now there are a lot of wild and wonderful theories floating around connected with this topic, but it seems clear that there is enough evidence to suggest that the Nazi elite were in fact very heavily into the occult. 

The order of the Black Sun or Vril society is listed as being a clandestine organisation that operated out of Wewlesburg castle that was focused on rediscovering ancient secret knowledge that would allow the German people to re-establish their place as the master race. Moreover, despite how fantastical it sounds, Hitler actually set up special investigation units to scour the globe for any and all esoteric knowledge once held by our ancestors.

The other occult group behind the Nazis were known as the Thule society. When I searched the internet for information on this organisation the first thing I came across was an article published in the Daily Star newspaper dated the 17th May this year. (2016) Now the Daily star is hardly what you would consider a bastion of serious journalism, and so you would think that you could take this article with a pinch of salt, especially since the headline reads:- 

“Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were in touch with ALIENS shock claims.”

However, further enquiries have revealed that there is indeed a great deal of truth to some of this story, and what the Nazi party were really all about. 

Apparently, many Nazi officials believed in supernatural forces, and that Heinrich Himmler believed that magic held the key to the Aryan supremacy in the world. He founded an organisation dedicated to books on sorcery and the supernatural. The Berlin occult group the Thule society founded just after the first world war believed that Hitler was the returning messiah, and sponsored the founding of the Nazi party. Hitler himself was said to be incredibly superstitious and was obsessed with the Spear of Destiny, which is said to have impaled Jesus on the cross. His mentor Dietrich Eckart, to whom Mein Kampf was dedicated, claimed that Hitler was able to communicate with “Them”!!!

At this point I honestly don’t know where to go with any of this, and I feel decidedly uncomfortable promoting ideas of Nazi occult conspiracies. I’m primarily a crop circle researcher, and although there are many crossovers with Aliens and UFO’s, those of you who know me will be aware that my research covers geometry and philosophy of mind theories connected with symbols and the subject of human communication. I’m also very interested in how psychedelic plants have played a major role in human cultures, and have been referred to as alien “more than human intelligent entities” that have interacted with humanity throughout the ages. In fact many of my lectures have focused on this very issue. I’m really not a UFO buff, nor am I a conspiracy theorist. But the discovery that Led Zeppelin named their 2007 album MOTHERSHIP, just opened a door and all of this came pouring out. 

2011_07_27_cherhill_white_horse_wiltshire_wheat_ohBefore I try to sum up, I need to bring in a few more crop circles from recent years that seem connected.

In August 2011 a formation of an Aliens face smoking a pipe appeared at Cherhill in Wiltshire. Everyone took it as a joke of course, and the formation was largely dismissed as a hoax by the research community together with the public at large. Personally I wasn’t so dismissive. I visited the formation several times and was struck by how perfect it looked from above despite being on slopping and uneven ground. This means that the circles  around the aliens head were all ovals, so that they would look like circles from above. This is one of the subtle features which I believe would make the construction of crop circles all the more difficult, especially in the dark! 

6582057_origHowever, this article is not about the authenticity of this particular circle, I have brought it in to this essay because of course it connects a theme of Aliens with that of  smoking weed, with that of the recent formation at Ansty.

Mothership Glass weren’t formed in 2011, so I guess the connection between these two elements (Aliens and smoking pot) in a crop circle are just another random coincidence!

imagesThe following year on July 1st 2012 a triangular formation appeared at Silbury Hill with the flower of life pattern inside it.

Once again of course this is a popular geometric design taken from sacred geometry, so it’s use is entirely not surprising.  

But this year we can see connections with another 2 formations that have appeared. The first is the Alien face at Reigate reported on the DSC4647-Reigate-Hill-nr-Reigate-Surrey-19-07-2016-OH19th July, which has what seems to be a feather head dress, but resembles the central motif of the leaf structure found in the Ansty formation. 

 The second formation to note is the flower of life design reported on the 28th June 2016 at Blackwood, Nr Popham in Hampshire.

Is this just another coincidence that on the same year that the Ansty formation appears, we DSC4476-Blackwood-nr-Popham-Hants-27-06-2016-OHsee a themed connection with Aliens and the flower of life design that are both incorporated into the Ansty formation?

So let’s try and connect some dots here and present this information in what we would consider a logical path.

Led Zeppelin use a bunch of symbols for themselves in 1971, way before the very first crop circles had ever appeared. One of the symbols just happens to be the same as the central motif found at the centre of the Ansty formation!

Twenty nine years later the Band uses the East field pictogram as their front cover artwork, which includes the shadow of the airship, and for the first time connects the band to the crop circle phenomenon. 

Led Zeppelin - MothershipSeventeen years after that they release an album called Mothership connecting the shadow of the airship on the 1990 album to this word Mothership and of course the Ansty formation.

In 2011, the same year as the smoking alien, a crop circle appears at Milk hill, of a triquetra symbol. 

The following year (2012) a glass manufacturing company forms with the name Mothership Glass and uses the triquetra design as their central motif. Were they inspired by the Led Zeppelin symbol or the crop circle that appeared the year before? Then finally four years later in 2016 a crop circle of the companies logo appears that incorporates the triquetra and the word Mothership! 


Again, the triquetra is a symbol that goes way back in antiquity and follows a general theme of crop circles representing old esoteric and occult symbols. So no big surprise here, unless we draw a bigger connection with all these seemingly random coincidences that I’ve put together here. 

The first conclusion I jump to from all of this is that the owners of Mothership Glass are big Crop Circle and Led Zeppelin fans. They used the name of the 2007 album as their company name, and have been inspired by the geometry of the symbols they created in 1971, together with the geometric symbols of the crop circles, such as the flower of life, to create their brand logo. 

In addition, the owners have spread the rumour that they use secret “alien technology” to create their works of art, so putting this all together it’s also fair to assume that they are also UFO fans too. As well as having a deep interest in sacred geometry. It’s strange though that Mothership Glass have claimed to posses secret alien technology and that this research has run into the Nazi regime being connected with this very same issue. Also the connection to Hitler and the occult and Led Zeppelin’s band member Jimmy Page’s fascination with the work of Alister Crowley. He was clearly very serious about it because he eventually brought Crowley’s old house, and run an occult bookstore in London. So now all these seemingly separate issues are raising the same themes of secret technology and the occult!

Also, what about the smoking alien of 2011 and the two other formations this year 2016 that connect aliens and the flower of life, together with smoking weed! We can take this two ways, either it’s just another wild coincidence or Mothership Glass have been involved in commissioning crop circles since before they formed their company!

The symbols created by Led Zeppelin in 1971, together with their connection to the occult practices of Alister Crowley have also been represented in the crop circle narrative, and most of them at Silbury Hill during the months of June and July of 1999, and 2000 respectively. Is this just coincidental or are we to believe that the circle makers are big Led Zeppelin fans who also follow the occult too! Or even more fantastically, have this band been behind the designs of the crop circles, since they took an interest in 1990, and have been slowly feeding us crumbs of information over the past twenty six years in the hope that we would connect the dots! To me that sounds just as crazy as Nazi occult groups and secret flying saucers programs. 

Crop circle near Bowerchalke

Then there is the Bowerchalk formation with it’s clear connection to Nazi symbolism and to the Hindu Swastika that appeared this year. 

This has all come out of the seemingly unconnected formation with Ansty and it’s reference to Mothership. Are we to assume that Mothership Glass also had a hand in the commission of all these formations? Or once again is this all just a strange set of coincidences? 

DSC5218-Cooks-Plantation-nr-Beckhampton-Wilts-27-08-16-OHFrankly, I’m baffled and slightly perplexed by it all.

On the one hand I see all this as just tentative connections that are wildly coincidental. But on the other, given that there are a series of strange coincidences that have happened to me and my team, which I haven’t mentioned, whilst we were doing this research, I really do wonder if there are some more missing pieces of the jig saw we’ve yet to discover?

I guess all we can do is wait and see what comes up in the future.

Copyright Gary King. Sept 6th 2016. 

Special thanks for all the help and advice goes to Liana Crisolago, Jaime Maussan, and Michael Glickman, Steven Grant and Jack O’Connor.

Picture credits: Steve Alexander and Lucy Pringle.