Every now and then a crop circle appears that causes a stir, and radically divides opinion. Unfortunately, history has shown that these events also have a tendency to bring out the hardliners from either side of the debate who are quick to assert their opinions and hypotheses; which they all to often claim to be researched facts.

What we then typically see are people fiercely criticising each other, with other interested parties wading in to take part in the arguments that inevitably ensue. Sadly, in the past, this has sent the whole debate spiralling downward.

However, so far in this case, apart from a few exceptions, many people have conducted themselves with a little more grace than has been seen on previous occasions, and I really hope that we see that continue. Because when we look at the actual facts that we have so far, the fat lady hasn’t even warmed up yet!

In watching events unfold on the internet, it seems almost everyone has dived in with what can only be described as opinion, conjecture or unverifiable statements. To the best of my knowledge, from day one almost all of these people had not made any on the ground investigations, interviewed or attempted to interview witnesses, nor attempted to contact the Mothership Glass company for official comment.

Due to work commitments I was unable to go down to the farm myself when the report came out, so my immediate response was to contact a young researcher Steven Grant, who I know to be reliable, and see if he could conduct an investigation on my behalf. When I called him he was already there, so I asked him to speak to as many witnesses as possible and assess the layout of the land and nearby buildings. He did this and reported back to me later that day. I informed several people of what my friend was reporting from the field, but it only seemed to fuel the accusations that there was a cover up going on! I also immediately emailed Mothership Glass via their website asking for an official comment.

I subsequently went down to the formation myself on Monday the 15th with an American researcher called Erica Lukes and confirmed as many of the details that had been reported to me. Erica would be happy to verify these details.

My Friend Steven Grant has also substantiated his initial findings on camera with Jaime Maussan. His testimony can be seen on Jaime’s show which will be broadcast on the 29th August.

To my surprise, whilst Steven was down at the formation making these enquiries, which bear in mind is literally a few hours after the formations disclosure, well known researcher Charles Mallett had published his views that the formation was all a scam! His reasoning for this was because of the £5 entry charge, and the fact that crop circle connector were apparently first on the scene with pictures!

I immediately contacted Charles and asked if he had visited the formation and made any on the ground enquiries, he said he hadn’t. I then told him that I had 2 people there now and all the staff and the farmers daughter Karen, who runs the farm shop, were all saying that they had nothing to do with it. In addition I said, my friend has also spoke to the neighbouring farmer and his wife, who have also confirmed they were not aware of anyone creating this formation so close to their residence.
Shortly after, I sent Charles the link to the mothership glass website which had been posted on FB asking if he had seen it, he said he hadn’t and thanked me for sharing.

Charles then did what I suspected he would and immediately posted this information on his FB page, heralding it as concrete proof that the formation was a commissioned job. Disappointingly, he never mentioned the information I had obtained on the ground from interviewing the farmers, which by it’s very nature was relevant for peoples independent consideration, and should have at least given him pause for thought. In my view Charles was being a little premature with his conclusions in this particular case, and clearly biased with the evidence he was producing to support his claim. Let me be clear this is not a personal attack on Charles, I consider him a friend, this is a statement of what took place between us, together with my observation of his subsequent actions in public.

Shortly thereafter, Colin Andrews published a statement which stated that he had conducted an investigation and established that that the formation was indeed a commissioned job. Moreover, that he in fact knows the identity of the authors. He said that they were well known sand circle artists, leading many people to conclude that Julian Richardson and Stuart Dyke from the Crop Circle Connector maybe involved.

However, then a slight twist to that narrative came when Stuart Dyke requested that Collin retract his statement, because neither he nor the other people he was implicating had anything to do with creating this crop circle.

Here is a transcript of the message sent to Collin from Stuart Dyke.

“Colin I must insist that you retract your statement on the website regarding this event at Ansty. I can categorically say that the people you are implicating have nothing to do with this Crop Circle. I hope you will remove before your radio show this evening and revise whatever you will be discussing tonight.”

As an aside and rather fantastically, in the same thread Matthew Williams has been stating that he can’t understand why the human authors wouldn’t come forward if it was a commissioned job. Especially if it was all arranged with the farmer. He goes on to say that he’s not sure if it’s genuine or man made at this stage! Ironically, Williams sudden change of tack will be enough for lots of people to conclude that the formation couldn’t possibly come from mysterious origins!

Colin later retracted the implication that Stuart Dyke or Julian Richardson were involved in a revised statement dated the 21st August.

He did however continue to state that the actual human authors were still known to him, but that he could not reveal their identities. He never once stated that he had made contact with the farmer, he just said that reliable people he can trust had made enquiries. What these enquiries are he has yet to tell us. He said that the farmers holiday was coincidental with the Salinas event in California, and was only done so that they could distance themselves from having to lie. But that’s certainly not what I was told directly from Karen Price herself.

I’ve personally spoken to Karen Price, she confirmed to me that she is the famers daughter and she’s given me her full permission to report to everyone that she had never heard of mothership glass until a week ago. Further, that she was completely surprised by the appearance of the formation, as was her staff and the other members of her family, including her close neighbours.

In another ironic twist, in recent years Karen has flattened down crop in order to produce mazes for the general public to walk around in. She told me that the first one she ever created took her 6 weeks and it was an incredibly arduous task. It therefore came as even more of a shock to her when she first saw the overhead picture of the formation, because she can’t possibly begin to explain how a team of people could have done this without anyone seeing them!

I fully recognise that my relaying this to everyone second hand does nothing more than ask everyone to take my word for it. Why should I expect anyone to believe what I’m reporting second hand, even though I have provided names, and what I’m saying can be verified by speaking to the people involved directly. The main point is that what I am reporting here is still nothing more than what a court would see as hearsay evidence, and I fully accept that.

On Sunday the 21st August, I was at the farm with Jaime Maussan and his film crew hoping to record an interview with Karen Price. For obvious reasons we wanted to obtain first hand testimony of what she had reported to us directly. In this way people could be left to make their own judgements based on hearing it from the witness first hand. However, she told me that the past week had been something of a nightmare, and she was therefore unwilling to go on camera.

Speaking to myself and Jaime Maussan, Karen said that when she first learned of what was being said about her on the internet, accusing her of being in collusion with Mothership Glass and a team of circle makers, it was deeply upsetting for her. She said that the suggestion of her deliberately going on holiday in order to provide distance from the event was utter nonsense, as was the notion of involving her staff, neighbours and customers in a conspiracy of silence.

Furthermore, people like Miles Johnson who have walked into the shop with cameras rolling, filming Karen and her staff without permission and then posting the footage on the internet, made her very agitated indeed. The member of staff who was filmed by Johnson was clearly uncomfortable in the video, and was said to be extremely upset when she found herself spread around the internet without her express permission. Karen quite rightly feels a sense of responsibility as well as a duty of care to the young girls who work for her, and was visibly upset at the violation of their rights and privacy.

She told me that all she wanted now was for the formation to be harvested, so that their lives could go back to normal as quickly as possible. She said that had we have asked her for a camera interview the week before, she would have been happy to grant one, but now, after the week she had gone through, she is nervous that anything she now says will be edited and twisted, causing further controversy that she simply doesn’t want. Her actual words to me were. “I don’t want to add further fuel to the fire”.

It naturally saddened us that we couldn’t get an interview on record, we tried very hard to reassure her that we only wanted to have her make a statement to the effect of what she had told us, but she was adamant, and I have to say that I completely understood and sympathised with her position.

I fully appreciate that her refusal to go on camera will convince those who have accused her of being involved, is further evidence of a cover up. But all I can say is that having looked in Karen’s eyes, I’m personally convinced that she is a genuine person who has in the past week been put under an extraordinary amount of pressure. I was impressed with how gracefully she was still conducting herself with me, despite how upset I could feel she actually was. I know exactly how Karen feels because I’ve been there myself in the aftermath of East Field 2007. Karen told me that she was just “a simple farmers daughter”, and her sense of delight in wanting to see the back of this event was in my view real and tangible. Which I think speaks volumes in itself.

Once again though, I wan’t to reiterate that my relaying this to everyone on Karen’s behalf is nothing more than 2nd hand hearsay evidence, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to accept it from me without making their own independent enquiries. Although I think for now Karen and her staff and family would prefer to be left alone for a while. The reason that I want to reiterate this point though, is because when we come to examine the weight of the public statement from Collin Andrews, together with it’s subsequent revision on the 21st August we find that it also contains nothing more than 2nd hand hearsay evidence.

The big difference though, is that he won’t offer up any names of these individuals, so that other researchers could at least obtain verification of what he has said. Not that this in itself would be proof that they actually made the formation of course. For that we also need pictures, video, witnesses testimony from people who watched it being made and a verifiable record of the whole process. Someone’s admission might be enough for some people, but it’s not enough for me. The only way I could be sure that this formation could be made by people is if they let me watch them do it, or alternatively be provided with an abundance of video and witness evidence to support the claim. Otherwise I will never be personally satisfied, because I just don’t think it’s possible.

Karen Price at Ansty farm is now well known and has been available to speak to during the past week, whereas Collin’s sources all remain anonymous! and as far as I’m aware he hasn’t spoken to Karen or Mothership glass at all!

How is it that Colin and other researchers have somehow, during the course of trying to prove the formations are genuine, gotten to a privileged position of knowing the human teams of circle makers, only to then all take a vow of silence not to reveal their identities!! Once they’ve been converted so to speak, they all then just ask us to trust that they know a bloke or have a reliable source!

Why haven’t these teams ever approached me or many other researchers I know to reveal their secrets to us. All I’ve ever had is the same story from someone who confesses to having done it, with nothing more to back it up! I’m constantly told the evidence is out there for all to see, but I’ve never seen it! I specifically want to see how they construct these huge complex designs, in the dark, within 5 hours, without leaving any damage to the plants. What’s the secret? Because they never do this in their demonstrations!

Also, I can’t imagine what would cause me to enter a vow of silence after a group of people prove that they’ve been tricking me in to believing the crop circles are real! I would feel like they’ve been making a fool of me, so why would I owe them an allegiance of silence? I would consider these guys to have been saboteurs to the genuine work I was doing looking into the mysterious phenomenon, that Collin claims exists. So I really cant figure out why he and so many other’s then swear to keep these anonymous groups identities and miraculous methods a secret!

But again, even if he did just reveal their names it still wouldn’t demonstrate that they could actually make such a formation in the dark without anyone noticing. And yet, it doesn’t surprise me to learn that a great many people have accepted what Colin has said without further question! It doesn’t surprise me because I’ve seen similar situations happen many times in the past, with Colin and several other individuals.

The Bythorn Mandala in 1993. Woodborough Hill 2000. The Alien and the message at Chilbolton in 2002. Milk Hill 2001, or East Field 2007. All these formations have the same patterns. There appearance comes as a surprise with people initially shocked and a little overwhelmed. Followed by a quick admission from someone who knows someone who made it and then everyones off and running. Without any time to wait for any actual facts to come in, the arguments and often hostile opinions start flying around. It’s like finding a large wooden box on your front lawn one morning, and arguing with your neighbours as to the contents before looking inside! The superficial evidence for the arguments being the stickers on the box.

Shortly after East Field 2007, Matthew Williams claimed that he and several of his colleagues had made the formation that myself and two others were witness to. Thereafter hoards of people approached me for comment, and I gave them the same response then as I do today. That there were 3 people, together with several cameras, which confirm the fact that this formation appeared in under 300 minutes of complete darkness, is not in dispute.

Now, as there were 150 circles spanning some 1000ft x 500ft, this means that in order for us to accept Matthew Williams claim that he and his team made this formation in the above mentioned time frame, we must also accept that, on average, they constructed each individual circle every 2 minutes!!! Moreover, this had to have been done silently in front of 3 witnesses, with no artificial lights that would have been immediately detected on camera.

Initially I was surprised to realise how many people were prepared to accept Williams assertion, and what I and many others see as the impossible implications of such a claim. But in the years that have followed I’ve seen so many examples of how easily some people are prepared to accept unfounded opinions, incomplete pictures and faulty reasoning as facts, no matter what the topic! So although it doesn’t surprise me, it still perturbs me that people can go to war with each other in these circumstances.

So far Mothership Glass have not made a public statement, which many people have felt would have happened by now. Especially given that Colin Andrews specifically compared the case with the Salinas event, with it’s subsequent public revelations. It’s been over a week now, what are we to conclude from the companies owners silence? Again many will see their silence as confirmation of their involvement, but it isn’t what you could call hard evidence in my view.

Jaime Maussan contacted Linda Mouton Howe, who I had heard was conducting an investigation in to the company. She told us that she has spoken with glass manufacturing insiders who know the people behind Mothership Glass, and had also conducted some preliminary background research into them. (You can see Linda’s report on her website at earthfiles.com). What she has found so far tends to suggest that the company has not been involved in commissioning this crop circle, because they are renowned for only having very limited contact with the public through their Facebook page. Of course their aloof behaviour could also suggest that this is just the sort of thing they would do! But without any official statement or contact with them, we just don’t know for sure either way.

It did occur to me though that if they don’t come forward and admit their involvement, then they wouldn’t be able to claim ownership of their own logo anymore, because anyone can copy a crop circle design. They’re copyright free! Plus of course all the symbols that you would have thought they’d want to have some proprietorship over, have just been handed over to the public!

Frankly, I’ve quite enjoyed the past weeks events, I’ve once again seen people go public with evidence that wouldn’t be enough to bring a successful prosecution, let alone stand up in an examining court.

For myself, I’m happy to accept that this formation represents a genuinely mysterious event. My standard view is that it’s never wise to speak about the authenticity of an individual formation. But with this one, as with East field 2007, I’m prepared to make an exception and put my neck on the block as it were. But I neither expect nor demand that anyone should share my views. I only ask that people separate opinion and speculation from independently verifiable facts.

In my world, this formation confirms a line of research that I have been following for almost 20 years now, which many people are
aware of through the content of my lectures and through conversations with me. So for me, just like East Field 2007, because I have conducted my own first hand investigation and been present on the ground, I am personally comfortable with my own conclusions. I apologise if that sounds in any way conceited. I’m quite sure many will dismiss my conclusions as delusory, as well as those others who will take offence at my personal views. Although It’s certainly not intended.

When I chatted with a friend John soon after the formations discovery and told him about the Mothership Glass logo, he asked what I would do if the it did turn out to be a commissioned job? He wasn’t shocked when I told him that if I saw enough evidence to convince me that this was indeed the case, then it would give me cause to re-evaluate my entire view of the crop circle phenomenon. All my conclusions so far, that I’m currently happy with would all be up for grabs!

I fully recognise that this would be devastatingly tumultuous for me, because everything that I have methodically researched and investigated for the past 20 years would fall away from beneath my feet and I would be left to try and pick up the pieces. But I would rather accept this truth and build a new world view around it, as opposed to holding on to my existing views which I now knew to be wrong.

In the words of Jean Luc Picard, “I am always prepared to reconsider my convictions at any give time”. But in order for this to happen, I insist on seeing evidence that meets the standards of my own criteria.

I also have to say that as a conscientious researcher, I would also feel compelled to reveal my findings, together with my supporting evidence to the public. Even if they were personally embarrassing to admit. I certainly wouldn’t enter into a code of silence with people that have been giving me the runaround for 20 years! Perhaps that’s why they’ve never invited me?

I suspect that there is quite a bit more milage to be had out of this spectacular event. My hope is that we can continue to conduct ourselves respectfully with one another in the endless debates to come.

The fact is that all the facts aren’t in yet, and so there’s really no need for anyone to go getting in a twist. After all we’re just talking about an impressive design made from flattened wheat. People are not going to live or die as a result of who wins public consensus of their views or opinions. But it is right and proper that what people say can be independently verified.

What can and does hurt each and everyone of us though, are the hostile and personal comments that pull us all down and quite frankly prevent most people from taking part in any reasoned debate.

And so my final thoughts are to thank all those who, despite their differences have conducted themselves respectfully during this debate so far. And to all those who feel the need to get personal or offensive, I say chill out and enjoy the ride. It’s much more fun when we realise that in the final analysis we’re all on board the same boat.

I used to feel that I was a bit of an optimist to think that we could ever reach a time when all humans could have what I call “Golden Relationships”. Wherein people accept their differences, whilst also accepting the sameness of their common humanity. But I’m happy to say that I now have many good relationships on this basis, so maybe anything’s possible!

Gary King. August 23rd 2016.